Turning a tool of oppression
into a symbol of protest
for women, life and freedom.
The Project

Winter 2022: As the world is entertained watching the fight for the FIFA world cup it loses focus on a different battle: The Iranian people’s fight for freedom.

Since the brutal killing of young Mahsa Amini for not properly wearing her hijab laid bare the Iranian regime’s terror and corruption, the whole country has been in uproar.

With mass incarceration, police brutality and killings of protesters in the hundreds, the regime continuously tries to abuse the rights of the Iranian women and silence their voices. But this time, they will not be silenced. Because this time, their cry for freedom will be carried throughout the world.

We created an alliance with German-based protest movement THE VOICE OF WOMEN to help organize a special protest: Turning the veils of hundreds of Iranian women into Iranian flags to create a symbol and send a message of freedom for all women.

Collecting the veils

We teamed up with the German-based activist group THE VOICE OF WOMEN, and organized a special protest: For one of their demonstrations in Düsseldorf, Germany, we asked the participating women to bring a white hijab and donate it.

This way we collected hundreds of hijabs from the Iranian women – as a huge symbol of oppression that we would bring right into the center of worldwide attention: The FIFA world cup.

So, this demonstration might have started in the streets, but it quickly went around the whole world.

Turning veils into flags

Since political protest was restricted by the FIFA and Qatar; we dyed the veils, turning them into official Iranian flags. Then we secretly sent activists with the collection of veils turned into flags to the World Cup in Qatar.

Let them wave our veils – from Qatar to the whole world

While political protest is not welcome by the FIFA and Qatar – our “cool giveaway flags” were very welcome. So, in front of the stadiums of Qatar, we handed the flags to hundreds of visitors. They were waved by many, not knowing they were holding an Iranian woman’s symbol of resistance.

Stories Unveiled

Behind every veil in Iran, there’s the story of a woman.
We want to gather these stories of anger, of hope and the freedom of choice, creating a constant voice for the women of Iran – BY the women of Iran.
For Women. Life. Freedom.

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The Voice of Women

The Voice of Women is an activist group fighting for the freedom of Iranian women based in Germany.

They are dedicated to gender equality, the recognition and protection of human rights and the empowerment of women in Iran. Among their tasks, they organize rallies in the area of Nordrhein Westfalen, Germany, with the support of other active groups.

The group seeks to extend the voice of the women in Iran and be their mouthpiece, fighting for the freedom they rightfully deserve. The Voice Of Women was established to advance meeting the people’s needs in Iran, reminding the EU states and Iranian regime leaders of their obligation to uphold necessary human rights. Any violation of these rights will take to the streets, using their social media platform to speak up and protest the current situation in their country.



Iranian women need support and recognition of their human rights. Now you can be their voice.

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